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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2011 Korea’s Most Handsome Male Artist

Recently, a Korean website held a poll for “2011 Korea’s Most Handsome Male Artist”, attracting over 5000 netizens to vote. I'm not quite sure whether the voters were all Korean or not. but seems like this poll was held on a specific website, I believe people from all over the world also contribute to this voting program. Since, most of my friends really love Korean artist and dramas, I decided to share it in my blog. so, please enjoy your blog walking (^_~)

By the way, the March is finally comes to it end, I should start writing about new topic...Maybe next time I'll be sharing a video of any famous movie~ Then , you’ll be able to watch them online~

Just keep blogging and wait for something special from me (^_^)

2011 Korea’s Most Handsome Male Artist

 => Looks like, secret garden really gives a great impact to his career. Now, he is number 1 in koreans heart.


2. Kim Hyun Joong
=> I love Hyun Joong as much as the Koreans love him (^_~)

3. Song Seung Heon


Kim Hyun Joong, Song Seung Heon

4. Kim Jaejoong
=> He is number `1 last year in Asia, yet he is only 4th in Korea. 

5. Jung il-woo

6. Yoo Ah-In

7. Park Yoochun

=> he is famous since TVXQ, now he's starring in  Sungkyunkwan Scandals, and i love the drama so much (^_^)

8. Lee Seung Gi
=> 2 days 1 night is getting famous because of him~

9. Lee Min Ho

10. Jang Geun Suk

=> i love to see his smile (o^_^o) just so cute~

11. Kim Bum

Kim Jaejoong, Jung il-woo, Yoo Ah-In, Park Yoochun, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Min Ho, Jang Geun Suk, Kim Bum

12. Song Joongki
 => he just too cute, and now he is one of the Running Man members (^_^)
13. Nickhun

14. Jung Yonghwa

=> love him as much as i love hyun joong (^_~) his song "love Light" is so sweet~
15. Lee Hongki

=> he's so funny in "he's beautiful"

16. Rain

Song Joongki, Nickhun, Jung Yonghwa, Lee Hongki, Rain

17. Taecyeon
=> wacth "dream high" ok (^_~)

18. Bae Yong Jun

=> no one can deny how handsome he is. he has been known as living legend~that's why no one can forget his face even if he stop acting.

19. Kwon Sang-woo

20. So Ji-sub

21. Won Bin

=> he still in the list of women heart.

22. Yoo Seung Ho

=> I love watching him in "4th period murder". (o^_^o)

23. No Min Woo

24. Lee Junki

=> people are keep calling him as "beautiful guy". well, he is "beautiful" and cute. that's why he so famous.

25. Choung Kyung Ho

Taecyeon, Bae Yong Jun, Kwon Sang-woo, So Ji-sub, Won Bin, Yoo Seung Ho

No Min Woo, Lee Junki, Choung Kyung Ho

That's all for now. thank you. (^.^)/'' have a great day~

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2010′s Top 20 Most Handsome Men In Asia

Hi everyone~ how are you? I think you all must be curious why do I put this "2010′s Top 20 Most Handsome Men In Asia" as my post tittle. Well, today I would like to talk about 20 most famous guy in Asia. And I'm doing this just for fun. Besides, as an Asian girl I should be alert about any info related to my continent. But why must top 20? Why not 10 or 100? hehe...It's because my favorites are included in these 20 list names. There are some who are not included, but I don't mind because I don't want anyone to know who I really like. (^_~) haha...nope. Actually I was too lazy to search for their photos, that's why I decided not to include the other 80 top guys. I only managed to get these 20 photos of top 20 and it even made my hand tired enough...haha..here are the top 20 names and their photos. Just click on the photos to get a clear view of their image. Look carefully, maybe one of them is your favorite. (^_~) 

Yes I know, some of you may think that they are not so called "handsome" but these people have been voted to become most handsome men in Asia by 40 million of netizens. 4,176,192 votes Korean singer Kim Jae-joong or Hero and of course he is at the top of the rank.Well, I think the votes must had been affected by their popularity. Everyone must have their own reason to like their favorites, so I don't really mind who got to be the top. They are all cute. I think Asian girls more likely to attract to a cute looking guy rather than a tough guy like the Europeans and people from other continents. I wonder why??? (^_^) if you know why, let me know, OK. (^_~)

Here are the list:

1. Kim Jae Joong

2.Kim Heechul 

3. Lee Junki

4. Bae YongJun

Bae YongJun, Lee Junki, Kim Heechul, Kim Jae Joong

5. HanGeng

6. Wu Chun
7. Jerry Yan

8. Il-woo Jeong

9. KangTa

10. Wang Lee Hom

11. Choi Siwon

HanGeng,  Wu Chun, Jerry Yan, Il-woo Jeong,  KangTa,  Wang Lee Hom, Choi Siwon

12. Kyuhyun


13. Leeteuk


14. Yunho

15. Nicholas Tse

16. Lee MinHo

17. Kim Hyun Joong


18. Moon, Hee-Jun

19. Rain

20.  Jun Jin
Kim Hyun Joong,  Moon, Hee-Jun,  rain,  Jun Jin

Kyuhyun, Leeteuk, Yunho, Nicholas Tse, Lee MinHo,

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

mY sNobBiSh LitTlE cAt~

Hi, I just wanna share some photos of my little orange cat. Her name is Puss Yayang...
hope you'll like it (^_^)v

 when she's sleeping, no one can disturb her..

 Yayang with her favourite bowl

 to her, everyday is Sunday~

smile (^_^)v