Welcome to my simple and not so fun blog. I always have a very stressful and heavy responsible life. So I created this blog just to write anything I like. Not necessarily related to my real life or my work. So, I'll write anything I want. (^.^)/

Sometimes life will get tougher, but we should always believe in ourselves and remember to have faith in God. Always smile and hold tight to your belief. Life is full of surprise. That's why I always believe in magic. (^_~) because No one knows, what will happen tomorrow...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hi again~

Hi, how are you guys? 

It's been a long time I haven't write on my blog. I was doing busy with my own life. So many things happened but I still standing and smiling (^_________^) 

Everyone knows, how positive I am. I'll always smile even if my heart hurt. Because I know, tomorrow I will start smiling again~ Life just too beautiful...

Time passed by, and I'm missing my rabbits so much. They are no longer here, but they will always stay in my heart. Love them so much!

Jess and Jack

Thank you for dropping by. Next time I'll share something cuter or more interesting, thanks~

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